I have been working with the India oriented communities of France since 2006 when I worked through platforms of Meetup and Orkut, followed by the foundation of Indians in France project in 2007.

This project has grown to become the largest and the most impactful social media platform for the English speaking Indian communities of France since then, helping tens of thousands of Indians coming here.

Indians in France project had two phases, the first one as an independent website between 2007 and 2009 when it had had more than 3000 registered members and many more thousands of unregistered visitors who were reaching the website through Google looking for information on coming and living in France.

The second phase followed in Facebook and at the time of writing this preface, it has more than 12000 subscribers where people come and help each other, from planning their arrival in France to helping new comers with various information and social networking.

A third phase of the project was a necessity and a natural evolution, which would address the French speaking second (and above) generation Indians as well as friends of India from France and other nations. Namasté France is a humble beginning towards that direction.

It is starting as a platform for sharing India oriented events. The idea is, if we have one place where we can find all India oriented events, this will fetch people who are interested towards such events and thus will serve two causes at the same time :

a. It will help event organizers to promote their events to more people interested in such events very easily
b. It will help visitors to see at one place all the events happening around them what they would like to explore

As it stands today, many events are happening around us, things come up to our Facebook wall and then get lost, and we miss to attend many events which we would have liked to become a part of, if we had a list in front of us at any given time of the day to choose from. Similarly, many seats in events stay empty and it would definitely encourage the event organizers to have more people with them both financially and psychologically.

I am hoping that the beginning of this project will be successful with everyone’s support as then I have planned to add more tools for the event organizers as well as diversify subjects that the project may address.

Thanking everyone for reading this and becoming a part of the project from hereon. Jai Hind and vive la France.